Custom Off-Grid Battery System

  • Custom Off-Grid Battery System
  • Custom Off-Grid Battery System


Allied Energy was contracted to install high end architectural lighting product and power distribution equipment for new construction project in La Jolla Farms, CA. After project broke ground, discussions between Allied Energy US and the owner representative regarding renewable energy and storage to provide solar power for partial off grid system. Understanding the client’s priorities, battery storage was tied into the PV design to protect electronic and electrical equipment during a possible grid outage (Brown or Black) and/or surge. End Result – Allied Energy was capable of designing a solution and integrating into the current power distribution design prior to the PV design. (25kW system of PV, 16kW inverter and 42kW battery.

Location: La Jolla Farms, CA

Completed date: September 20, 2016

Category: Battery Storage, Electrical