14kW Roof Mount

  • 14kW Roof Mount


Allied Energy was contracted to design assist on a 14kW PV project in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. The client was particular about the array of the solar panels as a possible “eye sore” on the roof. By collaborating with Allied Energy, the team created a roof layout array that selectively “hid” the panels as some could not see them when approaching the home. The placement of the panels is always a major factory to maximize efficiency of a system. Facing them South and SouthEast, Allied was able to accommodate the client’s concerns, while also achieving the demand consumption requested. In addition to the Solar install, during the investigating process with the client, the team noticed that most existing interior and exterior lighting was not energy efficient. Prior to final design of the solar, an energy reduction proposal to convert to LED and home lighting control was considered. The client was very satisfied to know Allied Energy was not limited to Solar and Battery storage and had the ability to speak and implement energy savings measures as well.

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Completed date: February 21, 2019

Category: Electrical, Solar



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