Battery Storage

Increase Your Energy Independence

Battery storage solutions store excess energy from solar panels. Traditional solar systems only include solar panels and an inverter. The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. They generate direct current (DC) energy and the inverter converts it into alternating current (AC) energy. The AC energy is required to power a home or business.

What makes battery storage solutions different is that they include panels, an inverter, and a battery. The battery is charged by excess energy produced by solar panels. This energy is stored and can be used at various later times. This could be when the sun goes down, during energy demand peaks, or during a power outage or shutoff. That’s why this system is particularly attractive to people living off-grid as well as to people who experience excessive outages.


The Generac® PWRcell

This intelligent energy storage system harnesses the power of the sun to help reduce your electricity costs and provide backup power during utility power outages. Whether your home runs on solar panels or off the power grid, PWRcell’s revolutionary technology connects to your power source, captures energy, and turns it into stored electricity.

How the Generac PWRcell works

Benefits of the Generac PWRcell

Equipped with PWRview energy monitoring technology, PWRcell protects you during times of power outage and allows you to control your energy usage to save on utility costs.

The PWRcell system consists of an integrated ecosystem of components, including an expandable battery pack, inverter and associated hardware. Each component is specifically engineered to seamlessly install and work together. PWRcell features modular battery packs, equipped with 8.6-kWh batteries, and expandable to 17.1 kWh to match any budget. Best of all, PWRcell is backed by a 10-year limited warranty!

PWRcell is designed to:

Get you through the night on stored solar
Protect your home and family during power outages
Lower energy bills and avoid peak rates
Give you greater independence from the grid

Generac® PWRview

PWRview gives you real-time data on your home’s energy consumption and solar generation. Unlike the meter outside your home, PWRview is simple and easy to understand. Multiple layers of data provide deep insights to inform decisions and to detect and explore trends.

You can access all these insights from your desktop when you log in to our PWRview web portal or you can download the PWRview app and check your usage wherever you go.

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